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Apple launched its newest and most affordable model, the iPhone XR in their latest iPhone event. Although, the iPhone XR is not that much different from the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max in terms of its appearance, the iPhone XR has a few differences, with the main difference being the camera. Being introduced as the low-cost iPhone model, the iPhone XR has a screen with a size of 6.1 inches.  

Having a wide range of color options available, such as white, black, red, and yellow, the iPhone XR is still keeping some secrets, specifically on its model name. It’s rumored that the “R” in the XR model name stands for “Remedial” for instance. 

Screen Features

The new design widens the screen of the iPhone XR almost end-to-end. Its screen, which is the most durable ever used in a Smartphone, is in a chic compliance with the anodized strip made of aluminum with durability in standards of 7000 series Aviation and Space industry. 

Apple uses an LCD screen with a size of 6.1 inches in new the iPhone XR. Apple has named  the new screen “Liquid Retina.” The screen with a high-resolution of 1792 x 828 pixels has a screen pixel density of 326 PPI. 120 Hz screen supports True Tone technology as well!  The screen also has the notched design as its “big brothers” (the iPhone XS and XS Max). 

The iPhone XR supports many newer iPhone actions like touch wake, opening the Home Screen with scrolling up, scrolling down for accessing Control Panel and Notifications and touching the Home Screen in order to open flashlight or camera instantly. Aiming to rile interest of youth with its white, black, blue, yellow coral and red color options, there is plenty of options to please everyone. The iPhone XR is also empowered with an A12 processor which is also used in the more powerful models.

A12 Bionic Processor pushes the limits of performance  

A12 Bionic, which is defined as “the smartest and the most powerful chip in a smart phone” by the Marketing Chief of Apple, Phil Schiller, has a 6 core CPU composed of 2 performance cores which are up to 15% faster for heavy computations. There are 4 efficiency cores that consume less power for daily tasks and a 4 core GPU that is up to 50% faster. A powerful Apple design ISG (Image Signal Processor), Video Encoder and Fusion Architecture of 6 cores means it has more than anyone else. 

Camera Skills of iPhone XR

The iPhone XR has a 12-megapixel lens with a sensor of a wide focal aperture of f/1.8 which enables a faster automatic focalization. 

Face ID Technology

Apple, having split with Touch ID, prefers to use Face ID in the new iPhone XR model. Thanks to Software Optimizations and faster Secure Enclave, Face ID works faster in the iPhone XR.  True Depth Camera System takes advantage of sensitive depth sensing technology which exceeds the limits of security and features of two-dimension face scanners used for unlocking the iPhone at a single glance, using Apple Pay and safely reaching applications. 

Wireless Technologies

For high speed downloading, the iPhone XR uses LTE Advanced technology. It also provides double SIM opportunity using Nano SIM and digital eSIM.  Thanks to the glass backside iPhone XR provides a wireless charging compatibility as well.

When will it be launched?

The iPhone XR will be on sale with a price starting from $749 for its 64GB, 256GB and 512GB storage models. It is announced that Apple will launch the iPhone XR on the 19th of October for pre-orders and will appear in the market on 26th of October. 

How can we protect it?

Such a costly product should be protected, as well. While, the hardware systems develop thanks to technology, the design develops as well. High resolution large screens, completely glass designs and so on. There are many options for protecting technology such as this. Of course, genuine leather is one of the most alluring in affordable options since no chemical reactions occur in its usage. Leaving the healthcare aside as pros; easy handling, less space, higher protection capacity, sleek and beautiful appearance compared to other options are some other reasons for preferring genuine leather. 

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