Seville Women's Leather Wallet - Floater Bordeaux

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Seville Women's Leather Wallet is a high rank product that can totally be used for a long while. If you are thinking on the perfect gift this is definitely it!

It is made from genuine and original leather in high quality within years of experience by first class workmanship and laborious, meticulous and commitment work.

It has a fetch and chic design.

The product has aesthetic, stylish appearance upon first look. The subtle smell of leather of leather that bounces can give you an idea of its quality.

We have manufactured this wallet from 100% Genuine leather.

It has 3 main compartments. Also inside of the wallet, there is 1 zippered pouch, 8 business card partitions and 2 ID or paper currency partitions.

It is used quality metal accessories.


Wide:            10.00 cm

Length:         19.50 cm

Thickness:       2.70 cm