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Bouletta Case

Bouletta Leather Balm


Bouletta Leather Balm

Bouletta Leather Balm is made from high quality work for the care and protection of your leather products.

It is a high ranking product that can be used for a long time. Extending the life of your products is now in your hands.

 Product Highlights

 Our products are produced without compromising our quality policy,, we offer you to use after a long time with the same quality you care to use easily. Bouletta leather balm is a waterproof skin care product that nourishes the skin and increases its durability. With a soft cloth , you should apply two times with a 10 minutes break with a soft cloth.With the renewed leather surface, your product has returned to its first day charm.

Reduces the appearance of stains and irritations with long-lasting protection.



It can use for your leather products.

Shipment and Delivery

We will ship your order on the same day if it is placed between Monday and Friday before 13.00 (G.M.T). Orders placed between Monday and Friday after 13.00 (G.M.T) will be shipped the following working day, those placed after 13.00 (G.M.T.) on a Friday will be shipped the following Monday.

Delivery Time

United States of America-Canada: 2 business days.

Europe: 1 business day.

For further information about other countries and other shipment procedures, please check the link.